The Corrupt Mindset

by Visionaries

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Visionaries - The Corrupt Mindset (2012)
Debut Album
Brandon Silva - Guitars
Dillon Hegarty - Drums
Tyler Shelton - Vocals
Ryan Schmitt - Bass


released July 31, 2012

Recorded at Zink Studios in Plant City Fl
Produced by Andrew Zink



all rights reserved


Visionaries Bradenton, Florida

Visionaries is a 4 piece progressive metal band from Bradenton, FL. Combining fast paced riffs, in your face melodies, crushing breakdowns and an energetic live show we hope to leave the listener with severe neck cramps. On July 31st we are releasing an LP entitled "The Corrupt Mindset" with rerecorded/revised versions of the tracks on the EP, new tracks, and our new vocalist! ... more

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Track Name: The Corrupt Mindset
We Are Possessed

One By one blindly marching to our death
But still we fight as they bleed us dry
I know, this time is our time.
To take back the power, into the hands of the broken

Masked behind Cowardice,
Fear's stench lingers like carrion,
Separate the facts from fiction
Spewed by toxic tongues
Overshadowed by their puppeteers, their fate is sealed in blood

Victimized, Authority is driven by brutality,
What was once protected is now under siege
Our basic way of life is no longer possible
America, the beautiful is no more
We are the land of the enslaved and the home of cowards
The only solution is evolution
Of our consciousness

Orchestrated indoctrination of the masses
Have suppressed our minds
From our potential, from our birthright

This is The Corrupt fucking Mindset
Track Name: An Abomination
Raging out of control
The beast has slain its next victim
Claw lacerations dismembered the torso
Completely removed from the body
The beast has struck!
No man was capable
And it just might be the devil
Stalking the night in fool moon carnage
Feasting on remains, your life now sustenance to a monster
We must kill it with fire
Through the heart of the beast
We must kill it with fire

I call my men fourth
An uprising can save us
Its time to prove your worth
its time to take up arms

With my dying breath we'll fight
We will fight till the end we will destroy the beast
sSlid silver straight thought the heart

With my dying breath we'll fight
We will fight till the end we will destroy the beast
Now's the time to take up arms
Stalking the night in fool moon carnage x2
Track Name: Reconciliation
The ability, to let go, I find invaluable
As time passes I try to find peace

Moving forward towards my final redemption I come to realize
The fear in your eyes, I see lies, planning demise, you lie with your eyes

My gaze burn to a focus as the truth is set before me
Dont be afraid to live your life
Theres no time to choose
My gaze burn to a focus as the truth is set before me
Let go of fear learn to live your fucking life
My gaze
Let go of fear, learn to free your own mind
Let go of fear, don't you dare
Let go of fear, learn to free your own fucking mind
Track Name: Shapeless
These images are growing more vivid in my mind
These thoughts have been burned in to me
These thoughts have become inescapable

Struggling to contemplate, this thought that dwells deep within,
drained by my paranoia,
It is the fear that keeps me up at night
I cant think this way, so don't think that way
Because my mind will keep me trapped forever
Falling back into my twisted ways,
I see everything for what its fucking worth
I cannot fight this any longer,
My subconscious is plagued by merciless intent
Im trapped within myself

Now this feeling is fucking mandatory,
I really hope, I fucking hope this is the last time
Darkness possesses me
I am surrounded by shapeless shadows
What is left for me now?
I always feel like someones watching me,
There's a demon at my back,
Scratching and taunting,
It seems I've dug a shallow grave
Track Name: Nostalgia
Hallucinations rule my brain
These visions are my life
I cant tell dreams from reality
Clinging on to this nostalgia I cant let go of the past

I cant tell dreams from reality who the fuck are you to tell me what is real?
cant tell dreams from reality, Reality.
Fighting my ways through memories, drowning in regret. 

I am lost at sea, inside the ocean of my mind
This vast ocean is apart of me
Lost at sea never to return
Thrust a bullet in and spin the chamber, see if luck can do what i can not
Track Name: The Emperor I (Transcendence)
Born under the aligned stars,
Destiny's laid out before me,
 I am the emperor

All of cyrodill heeds my command,and my word is law

50000 troops at my command,
Who dare defy the empire?

My word is law,
And I will do whatever it takes
The fiends of the marsh have pushed my patience far past it's end

I'll show them why I rule with an iron fist

Who dares oppose one, with infinite power

I control the fate of the planet
I will do whatever it takes to prove my divine power
I will transcend past death, becoming immortal

Born under the aligned stars destiny's laid out before me



Crushing all who oppose me
Soon all shall, revere my legacy
This is destiny

Bow! Down! To! The Emperor!!
Track Name: The Emperor II (Devourer)
The Black clan of brothers, and murders revered.
From which come the merciless, remorseless and feared.
Oh, sweet mother do you hear my plea?

The effigy, the heart,
The skull, bones and flesh,
Surrounded in flame,
A contract is forged from darkness and pain

Once, I asked a man
“What is the music of life?”
His reply was correct
When skin met steel
Silence, my brother.
For the sins of the unworthy
Must be baptized in blood and fear. In blood and fear

Arise my brothers, the Black hand sets fourth the pieces in motion
The streets will run red with the blood of the empire
Sweet mother send your child unto me,

Bringer of death
bringer of the end
I shall cast you into the void
For our dread father, devourer of souls

Now face to face, all that you can say is how you've longed for this day
Soon our name will be remembered once again
Hail Sithis
Track Name: Eminence
I can feel it flowing through me
The feeling of hopelessness, defeat, end.

When loss is eminent, and comprehension is unbearable
(Security) becomes devoid of our conscious
The only thing I have left is myself,
And I know,The only way for true fulfillment,
is through internal drive

I must let go of what is delaying me,
And never abandon my structure

Drown out all the darkness
This world is plagued by bereavement,
It surrounds and constricts us
Burn the world with light,
fill the stagnant void
Possession is infinite,
Never allow impediment,
Strive for the occupancy of faultlessness.

When loss is eminent, and comprehension is unbearable
(Security) becomes devoid of our conscious

When there is nothing left,
When the feeling of helplessness begins to consume you,
Through motivation is healing,